please don't say goodnight.


Love this edible fan art from ryankeiths on Twitter! #HCRArt

THSI IS ME I DID THSI i love hot chelle rae

@RyanKFollese: Found this note I wrote as a child … I guess I was English and had daddy issues? 

timelockedhalfblood said: Yes yes yes yes yes, you did the thing. Where it is a gif of Jamie from the end of the lyric video.... I waited for that and I am happy. :) no smiley face fully shows my happiness.

love youuuu :)

Happy 27th birthday to one of the kindest, most talented, humble, loving, and deserving people in the entire world - Ryan Keith Follese. I am so proud to call myself a fan of you, of Hot Chelle Rae, and I hope this year is your best year yet, with many more wonderful years to come. Just don't forget, we love you tons!

at saturday night online


come on, don't say goodnight, with the stars in the sky - let's wait 'til tomorrow paints the sun across the night.